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Andrew Lewis (Reino Unido) - Listening to the Lakes: What lakes are telling us about climate change, and how we can listen to them

Conferencia - Día 1

Descripción | Abastract:

Composer Andrew Lewis and scientist Iestyn Woolway discuss how lakes can help us understand climate change, and how this data can be used to make music. Lakes and reservoirs are a critical natural resource, supporting biodiversity and providing many benefits to people around the world. But lakes are critically susceptible to climate change, especially the increase in global temperatures. Climatic warming can have a huge influence on the physical environment of lakes, including warming of surface water and effects on water levels Ultimately, the physical environment of lakes is responding dramatically to a warming world. In this talk, Iestyn Woolway will discuss the response of key lake variables to climate change, and Andrew Lewis will explain how this data has been used in compsing his new piece ‘Two Lakes’.

IESTYN WOOLWAY: Dr Iestyn Woolway is a Reader at the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, Wales. His research focuses on the physical interactions between climate and water, with a particular interest in the physics and hydrology of lakes and reservoirs worldwide. This includes aspects such as climate-induced variations in lake evaporation, water temperature, ice cover and water level. Using a combination of in-situ, satellite, and modelled data, his research aims to answer key questions that relate to climate-related changes of inland waters. He graduated from Bangor University in 2011 with a BSc and MSc in Physical Oceanography and then undertook a PhD in Physical Limnology at University College London between 2011 and 2015. Dr Woolway was then a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Reading from 2015 to 2018. Dr Woolway is recipient of a number of prestigious fellowships including a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (2018), European Space Agency Fellowship (2020), and a UK Natural Environment Research Council Independent Research Fellowship (2021).

ANDREW LEWIS: Andrew Lewis studied composition with Jonty Harrison at the University of Birmingham, England, where he was one of the original members of BEAST. He is currently Professor of Music at Bangor University, Wales UK, where he teaches composition and directs the Electroacoustic Music Studios. His music is concerned with the materiality of sound, and often uses technology in its realisation and performance. Prizes, awards and mentions include Bourges ‘Euphonie d’Or’ (France), PRS Prize (UK), Stockholm Electronic Arts (Sweden), Prix Ars Electronica (Austria), Noroit (France), HEAR (Hungary), ARTS XXI (Spain), CIMESP (Brazil), Music Nova (Czech Republic), Destellos (Argentina). In 2016 ‘Fern Hill’ for orchestra and electronics, commissioned for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, won first prize in the KLANG competition, Montpellier. It was given its French premiere by the Opéra orchestre national de Montpellier in 2018. Numerous recordings are available, including two collections of his works Miroirs obscurs and Au-dèla (empreintes DIGITALes) and Schattenklavier on Shadow Piano (Innova).

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