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JUKEBOX: recent audio-visual works from Music Technology, De Montfort University

We present a series of works from Music Technology undergraduate, Masters and research students at De Montfort University, ranging from live performance videos to audiovisual compositions to dance performances.

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Sebastiano Gualtieri, cvd (2021) 3’30

Phoebe Scoutari, Kallirroi Vratti & Leona McDonough-Smith, The Maids (2021) 5’50

Samuel Thomas, Grown in the Corner (2020) 2’57

Mick Ryan, Lauren Harvey & Imogen Cavell-Wells, KINTSUGI 金継ぎ (2021) 8’00

Wil Morrison, Performance (2020) 9’35

Sebastiano Gualtieri, cvd (2021)
This work continues Sebastiano’s compositional research surrounding the balancing of images and sounds in generative audio-visual art.

Phoebe Scoutari, Kallirroi Vratti & Leona McDonough-Smith, The Maids (2021)
 “When slaves love one another, it’s not love” —Jean Genet 
This performance is an attempt to capture the abominable essence of Jean Genet’s play The Maids. It depicts the erotic sadomasochistic ritual game-playing between two maids, who fantasize about killing their mistress, whom it is their only role to serve. When she is absent, they get tangled into their own physical and psychological abusive role-playing game, leading progressively into the loss of their separate identities and their blending into one.
Choreographer: Kallirroi Vratti 
Composer: Phoebe Scoutari 
Performers: Leona McDonough-Smith, Kallirroi Vratti 

Samuel Thomas, Grown in the Corner (2020)
Pieced together by the human brain, we perceive a cohesive audio-visual world despite the flaws of the human eye and ear. Grown in the Corner embraces one such flaw. The lack of acuity in the periphery of vision is extended across the visual field and reflected in the sound.

Mick Ryan, Lauren Harvey & Imogen Cavell-Wells, KINTSUGI 金継ぎ (2021)
This piece explores the Japanese art form Kintsugi and depicts the deconstruction and reconstruction of a ceramic. Choreographically, it explores the aesthetic of shapes based on the physical characteristics and state of the ceramic; circular when whole and linear when fragmented. The accompanying music facilitates an imagery of the physical, textural and spatial characteristics from the formation, fragmenting and reforming of the ceramic into its new entirety. Gold resin amalgamating fragments is intrinsic to Kintsugi art and is envisioned by paint applied to the performers when representing the ceramic’s reformed state. 
Choreographers & performers: Lauren Harvey & Imogen Cavell-Wells
Composer: Mick Ryan
Videography: Lauren Harvey

Wil Morrison, Performance Video (2020) 9’35
Solo performance using a DIY modular sound and visual system that uses hacked and repurposed obsolete video equipment alongside homemade synthesizer modules.

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