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SPARC: We Invoke The Creatures Within The Wallpaper

A selected showcase of creative sound practice, multi-media installation and collaborative performance currently emanating from compositional research at City, University of London.

During isolation we have looked to the internet to replace in person communication. However, those who lack access to the internet are excluded from these virtual social spaces. Wallpaper utilises words from those isolating without access to the internet. In an online recording session, their words were read back, performed and manipulated via the imperfections of the internet until digital noise overtook all meaning. These recordings were then arranged to create Wallpaper. Wallpaper exists in two versions: the digital download and a hotline available on +44 330 818 0351.
Performers: Patricia Auchterlonie, Mimi Doulton, Ella Taylor and Juliet Wallace.
Supported by Sound and Music.

The Creatures Within: An installation for the sound and light sculpture Hulda
Hulda is an audio-visual sculpture created by Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir. During performances Hulda’s surroundings are filled with sounds, patterns, shadows and colours that constantly change. Inside the sculpture are built-in lights connected to a computer that analyses the sounds and transforms them into light. The strings of the sculpture can be adapted to different tunings. The Creatures Within shows different perspectives from an installation for the audio-visual sculpture Hulda. The sounds of Hulda merge together with electronics made from the sculpture itself, environmental sounds and voice.

We Invoke The Black. To Rest
A collaborative composition and performance with Enam Gbewonyo, in response to Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s exhibit Fly In League With the Night. A co-composed work including interview and discussion with five Black British people, discussing how we rest. What rest feels like, and what a lullaby might be to us, now. As a performer in this composition, I consider my role to be one of vessel or vehicle. Rather than exploit the spotlight to centre my voice, narrative, and experience (solely), I make efforts to perform in a way to allow the stories and narratives of my co-composers to exist alongside and with equal importance

Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir (Iceland) is an artist, composer and performer from Iceland. In her practice, she often explores improvisational creativity and collaborative methods, working with artists from different fields.

Jonathan Higgins (UK) a composer and performer based in London whose music focuses on exploring how noise can be utilised as a transformative and generative tool. His music has been performed and prized both nationally and internationally.

Liz Lassiter (USA) is a composer and vocalist writing genre-less compositions with Black Women for Black Women. Her practice is rooted in storytelling and the “viscerality” of the imaginary. Currently, she is a PhD student at City, University of London studying how ethnographic composition can best answer questions around the Black Woman immigrant/ex-pat/trans-national identity.

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