CHON: A Physics-Based LFO Array - Rodney DuPlessis (EUA)


CHON (Coupled Harmonic Oscillator Network) is a new interactive software tool for composing musical gestures based in Newtonian physics. Composers often employ dozens of independent LFOs to control various parameters in a DAW or synthesizer. By coupling numerous control signals together using physical principles, CHON represents an innovation on the traditional LFO model of musical control. Unlike independent LFOs, CHON's signals push and pull on each other, creating a tangible causality in the resulting gestures.

As a composer and researcher, Rodney DuPlessis primarily explores intersections of science and music. He is interested in creating powerful sonic experiences grounded in scientific models of physics, chemistry, biology, thermodynamics, and meta-science.
DuPlessis' music has been performed internationally and recognized by prizes such as the Musica Nova International Competition (Finalist), Destellos International Competition 2020 (honorable mention), the Corwin Award for Excellence in Composition (1st prize - Percussion, 1st prize - Solo, 2nd prize - Electroacoustic), and the 2020 SEAMUS/ASCAP award (finalist). He has collaborated with new music luminaries such as Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, Formalist Quartet, Hocket, Henrique Portovedo, and Scott Worthington.
DuPlessis is also dedicated to promoting the presentation of new music and art. He has directed and produced multiple festivals and concerts, and he currently serves as co-creative director of the Nomadic Soundsters art collective.
As a programmer, DuPlessis has created innovative software tools for composition and worked to preserve and reincarnate preexisting software. In 2020, Duplessis, Curtis Roads, and Jack Kilgore released EmissionControl2, an interactive real-time application for granular synthesis. He is currently developing software to sonify a quantum harmonic oscillator.
DuPlessis' teachers have included Curtis Roads, Clarence Barlow, João Pedro Oliveira, and Martin Kutnowski. He holds a BA in Music and Psychology, a Masters of Arts in Composition, and a Masters of Science in Media Arts & Technology. He is currently finishing a PhD in Composition at UC Santa Barbara.

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