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The Artist Manager in the age of Digital Production and Distribution - Barbara Scales (Canadá)


Artist managers develop strategies and plans to bring the artist and their work to the audience. For centuries this work has varied and evolved in relation to transportation, communication and recording technology. Now a new variable exists in the creation and distribution of virtual representations of performance and art works which are the marriage of a live art form with digital capture.

Barbara Scales

Barbara Scales is the founder of Latitude 45 Arts Promotion, established in 1981 and based in Montreal. She works with artists who perform at the highest level, with creativity, engagement and courage. Originally conceived to serve artists from the vibrant musical community of Montreal, Latitude 45 has become a full-service organization for composers and performers hailing from Australia, Japan, Korea, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, the United States and Canada. She established and was co-director of Danséchange in the 1980s establish links between Dancer Choreographers in Montreal, New York and Paris.

Barbara Scales’ academic studies were in philosophy with a Master’s thesis on the question: “What does it mean to say that art belongs to its time?” She considers this question daily as it is central to her work with creative performers.

Her arts training is in music, dance and theatre. She was a scholarship student at the Graham School in New York City. She has taught Dance and Theatre in Colleges and Universities in Montreal.

During 2021, she developed a website designed to introduce basic information for digital production, presentation including legal and financial responsibilities towards creative partners as well as strategies for visibility and for monetization.

Since 2019, she has been working on the development of a semi-annual journal to be published by Berghahn books and journals in NYC. TURBA: The Journal for Global Practices in Live Arts Creation. Volume I, Number 1 of TURBA is scheduled for Spring 2022.

Originally from New York City, Barbara Scales has made her home in Montreal since 1968. Since 2014, she has been President of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Music Centre in Quebec. She has served for over 25 years on the Board of the Canadian Music Centre. She has also served as an officer on the Boards of CINARS, NAPAMA, ISPA and presided over the first IAMA conference outside of Europe, in 2013.

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