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Scott Wilson (Reino Unido)
- Sounding the Data: Reflections on Working with Sonification

Conferencia - Día 4

Descripción | Abstract

This lecture will discuss my experience in work with sonification, including both my work on the Dark Matter project in collaboration with the art@CMS project at CERN, and the new performance using climate data I'm preparing for Visiones Sonoras. This will include discussion of the theoretical framework I developed with Milad Mardakheh Khosravi for our recent article in Leonardo.

Scott Wilson

For more than 30 years Scott Wilson has explored the intersection of various contradictory practices combining aspects of instrumental/vocal composition, field recording, multichannel electroacoustic sound and visuals, cross-cultural collaboration, live coding and improvisation. His works are each a bespoke solution to an artistic problem, hold few firm allegiances to schools, styles or genres, and regularly transgress the boundaries of the ‘acceptable’ in even the most supposedly experimental fields. An interest in collaboration has led to a range of output including cross-cultural/interdisciplinary works. These and pieces including hyperreal soundscapes based on the natural world, a collaborative musical palimpsest on Qawwali recordings, and music created by sonifying data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider have been presented around the world. Active as an mentor, he is co-director of Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre and teaches at the University of Birmingham.

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