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Simon Chioini (​Canadá)
- Linking Sound and Place: First Experiments in a Practice of Ecology of Sound

Conferencia - Día 5

Descripción | Abstract

In the context of the environmental crisis, can we imagine compositional processes committed to fostering better relationships to our environments? This short conference explores sound’s potential as a means of encountering place. The theory will be illustrated through a doctoral research-creation project started at the Université de Montréal in autumn 2022, where first conclusions are drawn from the output of a first public performance. These insights are centred on the importance of craftsmanship, on the participation of other senses than hearing in the musical experience and on the representation of the ritual in a connection to place. While these observations are still partial, they open the way to a better understanding of sound as event and as a link to space in site-specific creations.

Simon Chioini

Emerging from Montréal’s vibrant community of experimental artists, Simon Chioini creates a hybrid of new music aesthetics and genre-fusing electronic sounds. Through long-form electroacoustic pieces and sharp technoïd productions, his exercises in abstract composition, often tied with club elements, have honest roots drawing from his academic background and a self-driven study of the past decades’ outlier electronic music. He currently pursues his doctoral studies in composition and sound creation at Université de Montréal under the supervision of Professor Myriam Boucher. His research-creation project reflects on different practices of the ecology of sound, with the intention of demonstrating creative processes that can foster a posture of care towards our environments. This complex relation between sound and place follows a situational and relational approach to composition, where sound is used as the primary element of site-specific works.

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