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The Contribution of the Time-based Arts and their Technologies to the New ‘Normal’

Discusión sobre la contribución de las artes del tiempo a una ‘normalidad’ nueva, partiendo de una visión amplia e inclusiva que acepte la creatividad innata latente en todos nosotros, que fomente la creación cooperativa y comunitaria, la igualdad de oportunidades de una normalidad más justa, y la consciencia y el respeto de los entornos naturales y culturales. La mesa cuestiona la manera en que las estéticas y tecnologías de las artes del tiempo se pueden manifestar en los campos de actividad humana, incluyendo los ecosistemas, la economía, los sistemas políticos, los sistemas educativos y otros.

Nicolas Collins teaches in the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a researcher at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent. He was editor-in-chief of Leonardo Music Journal for many years, and in 2020 Routledge released the 3rd edition of his book, Handmade Electronic Music – the Art of Hardware Hacking. He works in live performance using circuitry, software and instruments of his own design.

Mihaela Kelemen is Professor of Business and Society at Nottingham University Business School. Her research is underpinned by American Pragmatism and uses participatory creative methodologies of community engagement and knowledge co-production, in particular, Cultural Animation, a methodology co-developed with Sue Moffat.

Damián Keller is an associate professor of music and computing at the Federal University of Acre and at the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil. Co-founder of the Ubiquitous Music Group, his work centres on everyday creativity, interaction design and ecologically grounded creative practice in ubiquitous music.

Victor Lazzarini leads the Sound and Digital Music Research Group at Maynooth University, Ireland. His interests include musical signal processing and sound synthesis, computer music languages, electroacoustic and instrumental composition.

Sue Moffat is the founder Director of New Vic Borderlines at the New Vic Theatre in Staffordshire. Borderlines works with groups and communities who exist on ‘the borders’, having reduced prospects to impact on the conditions which affect them, and are deprived of the rights to contribute to the wider community. Sue works with statutory organisations and NGOs to reduce isolation, disconnection and social exclusion. Amongst many other roles, she is a local Councillor and Women's Officer for Newcastle Under Lyme Constituency Labour Party.

Rajmil Fischman, emeritus Professor at Keele University. I compose for acoustic, electroacoustic and multiple media, and work on gestural interfaces, electroacoustic theory, and creative digital technology software development’

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