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HUMMEL Yérri-Gaspar (Francia) - Resilient listening

Conferencia - Día 2

Descripción | Abstract

Labutineuse is a sound installation about bees and our five senses. This ecological and social project highlights the fragility of the bees' life. At the same time, the skyscrapers claim an intensive culture that will never touch the sky; on the other hand, the empty hives are amplified by sound sequences reminding us of the close link between nature, bees and humans. This double criticism is accompanied by empty and vibrating hives where the spectator can imagine his own fate in front of a recognized massacre. The sound sequences highlight the movements of the movements translated into data and transformed into sound; on the other side, the sound of the bees' wings and the life of the apiary remind us of the sweet song of the mellifers. As you approach the hives, feel, vibrate, listen, see and maybe...taste!

HUMMEL Yérri-Gaspar

Born in 1982. Y-G Hummel (A.K.A. Kaspår) Specializes In A Musical Practice Centered Around The Notions Of The Situation Of Sound In Space. Yérri-Gaspar Hummel Is A Musician, Composer And Director Of The Exhibitronic Festival And The Sound Research Laboratory Lab’ut.

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