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Merlin Campbell (Canadá) - Raising awareness of climate change issues through videomusic

Conferencia - Día 5

Descripción | Abstract

The videomusic work presented by Merlin Campbell deals with the migration of snow geese, climate change and more particularly the impact of humans on the life of these migratory birds. Campbell's piece seeks to depict the physical, cognitive, and emotional chaos that snow geese experience during their migration process between the Arctic and the eastern seaboard of the United States. As part of this lecture, the artist will briefly discuss his master's research-creation work, the concept of his work and his creative process.

Merlin Campbell is an audio.visual artist from Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada). He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University and a D.E.S.S. in digital music from the University of Montreal. Campbell is currently pursuing his master's studies in composition and sound creation at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal under the supervision of Myriam Boucher. As an artist and researcher member of the OICRM, his research-creation works take the form of installations and performances. He is interested in monumental in situ audiovisual immersion as well as the physicality of sound, image and space. His works are essentially created to be broadcast in unconventional controlled environments and require the creation of multi-screen and multi-speaker devices that he conceptualizes according to the space where he broadcasts his work.

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