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Exploring Remote Layered Musical Soundscape Meditations

These are the voyages of the 'Magical Musical Sherpa Shaman' Adventures. The goal of these soundscape musical meditations is to interact and to be inspired by the sonic landscapes and interacting with different time levels while we travel inward finding a peaceful center for our wellbeing.

Y así comienza (3:24)
This was the first recording of an Audio Journal of remote layered recording in my old home in Mexico, reconnecting to past friends and memories and experiencing these places again through layered soundscape-meditations. It has also been a meditation on using the same instruments and key centers (based off of the handpan I brought). How do these sounds and themes evolve over the trip and with the interaction of places, friends, and feelings.....?

Cable Beachin’ (15:28)
○ Recorded on the shore of Lake Siskouyou which is located at the base of Mt.
Shasta in Northern California. This was a 4 layered recording where the wind picked up during the day and these sounds became a changing part of the improvisation. Listen how the sounds of the water flowing and lapping against the shore inspire this piece.

Planta electrica - dos estrellas (8:20)
his composition was recorded in layers in the old electric plant at Dos Estrellas
Gold Mine in Tlalpujahua, MICH, Mexico on 6/17/2021. You can sense the rich history of the location of the varied uses of the building over time. In 1937 a mudslide buried 1⁄3 of the town in a mining accident. The mine was still used into the 1960’s. Exploring the different time levels and uses of this building by recording a 4 layered composition where each musician inhabited a different part of the ruin of a building and then bring them together by interacting sonically and musically from the different time levels.

Flowing-Calming-Light (2:32)
Recorded at the Headwaters of the Sacramento River in th Mt. Shasta, CA. This
soundscape/sound meditation uses the changing sounds of how water travels from within the earth transforming into a mighty river.

David Blink (EEUU)- Cornet/Trumpet, Gong, Handpan, Jarana & Percussion Also on planta electrica - dos estrellas
Juan Alzate (Mex)- Soprano & Tenor Saxophone
Monica Reina (Mex)- Percussion, & Singing Bowls

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