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Concierto | Concert

Concierto de la Academia Janacek de Música y Artes Escénicas, JAMU

Concierto de la Academia Janacek de Música y Artes Escénicas, JAMU

Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts JAMU (República checa)

Obras escritas por maestros e investigadores de la Academia Janacek de Música y Artes Escénicas JAMU, en Brno, República Checa

1. "Tinkling" by Michal Indrak

2. "Timebreak" by Jiri Suchanek

3. "Fluttering Substance" by Otto Wanke

4. "A Message" by Jan Kavan

5. "Dual 2" for alternative percussion and electronics by Omar Rojas; Percussions: Enrique Nieto

6. "La locandiera Mirandolina" a minisuite by Mario Buzzi

Notas de programa:

Michal Indrák - Tinkling

This piece was written in July 2022 and was inspired by a small experimental musical instrument created by my 9-year-old son at a course for young composers and inventors. The instrument is made of a plastic bottle, short chain and small bells. All the sonic events of the piece were created by sampling and post-processing its possibilities as a kind of recollection stretched in time. The piece was also created as part of testing my new setup of a mobile DAW workflow. I also wanted to test and try out new workflows that would allow me to compose electroacoustic music anywhere and anytime without difficult preparations and technical limitations.

Jiří Suchánek : Time.break (2013/2018, 4-channel, 9:17 )

Force applied to a mater causes the rise of internal tension. With increasing intensity and no possibility of relaxation, the situation culminates until the moment of internal integrity collapse. The structure of matter breaks down and with the release of sound energy the new fragments are created. A sound microscopic journey through a series of diverse destructions discovers new worlds emerging from the dust of old ones. The acoustic material used was mainly created during the destruction and disintegration of things, or when tensioning and compressing materials. The studio recordings were then carefully sorted, reassembled and supplemented with a synthetic sound layer. The composition Time.break is not an objective record of all kinds of destruction. It is a sonic representation of cycles of tension, climax, rupture and release. The original composition from 2013 was newly re-composed and mixed into a 4-channel version in 2018.

Jan Kavan - A message

Composed in July 2022 as a World-premiere for the international festival of contemporary music Visiones Sonoras 18 in Mexico.

A Message is a stereo electroacoustic composition inspired by the poem The Waste Land by Thomas Stearns Eliot (1922) but transposed into a post-digital era where the topical wasteland is littered by digital fragments of the civilization. Fragments, polluted by noise and imperfection, analogically to the poem, depict loss of meanings, data, and habitable environment. While the composition reflects upon the current period of uncertainty, it also tries to look into the future with a tiny ray of hope that maybe somewhere in the omnipresent noise a new kind of harmony will be born.

Poem fragments were narrated by Kateřina Prášková.

Otto Wanke - Fluttering Substance

My piece Fluttering Substance deals with short audio excerpts from interviews with the American writer William Burroughs, in which the author describes his Cut-up technique. The internal sonic qualities of the excerpts shape the individual electronic gestures and at the same time they form a tectonic organization that corresponds to the described Cut-up technique.

In seeking parallels between the spectral properties of the excerpts and their effects on the formal construction of the piece, my intention was to further develop the technique of the spectral resynthesis.

In its classical conception, individual partials of the sound model are assigned to different acoustic instruments, creating a characteristic ambiguity between harmony and timbre. In my conception, however, I used electronic processes such as granular synthesis or waveset distortion to resynthesize the original speech model.

While this action results in the loss of the original plasticity of the resynthesis, it also serves as a starting point for the generation of new idiosyncratic material that reflects the original model on the basis of a more abstract spectral correspondence.

Subsequently, I linked the resulting resynthesis to vertices (points in 3D space) to create an additional visual plane to these audio processes.

Omar Rojas - Dual 2

Esta obra está basada en un ejercicio de instrumentación que suelo hacer con mis alumnos para concientizar acerca de las dificultades de cambio de instrumento para los percusionistas; dicho ejercicio consiste en escribir e interpretar una obra para lo que traigan en sus bolsillos. Años más tarde, el compositor británico Thomas Daish, quien fue uno de mis alumnos, escribiría una serie de piezas para instrumentos no convencionales, razón por la que decidí retomar el concepto de instrumentación aleatoria y dedicarle esta obra. Dual 2, forma parte de un ciclo de obras en el que utilizo grabaciones de campo de la Ciudad de México y de otras localidades en el extranjero, en este caso específico de Weimar (Alemania) y la CDMX; la parte de la percusión de esta versión es interpretada por Enrique Nieto (MX) y es para monedas, una bolsa de galletas, un juego de llaves, una servilleta y una cartera.

Mario Buzzi - La locandiera Mirandolina - Minisuite

The music for the production was created to mainly Dadaist texts, consisting of interjections, solmizing syllables and the like. The texts were created in collaboration with director Peter Gábor. Each of the main characters is typified by a certain selection of these syllables. A type of music was created, based on the Italian opera traditions and using its mannerisms; recitative technique, melody and rhythm. The singing parts were recorded by the singers of the NDB opera ensemble, and the musical arrangement was supplemented with parts of granular synthesizers, samplers and finally subjected to various transformations in the style of DJs (scratching, fx processing, etc.). The Minisuite is actually a selection from the scenic music for Mirandolina. Here is a link to the website of the National Theater Brno, which is dedicated to the production and contains other names of the production and acting team:

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Proyecto apoyado por la Secretaría de Cultura, a través del Centro Nacional de las Artes y el proyecto Chapultepec, Naturaleza y Cultura por medio de la convocatoria: Territorios enlazados.

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