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Concierto | Concert

Concordia University: New Music and Media Arts @ Mexico - Field School 2022

Concordia University: New Music and Media Arts @ Mexico - Field School 2022


Concordia University: New Music and Media Arts @ Mexico - Field School 2022

El concierto “Concordia University: New Music and Media Arts @ Mexico - Field School 2022” incluye las obras realizadas por los 13 estudiantes que viajaron desde Canadá para participar del programa intensivo de verano -con el mismo nombre- realizado en el CMMAS. Los participantes de este Field School son estudiantes de Concordia University y de la UQAM, ambas universidades con sede en Montreal. El programa fue dirigido por el prof. Ricardo Dal Farra, de quien también se incluye una breve composición en el programa.


Ricardo Dal Farra [ Argentina / Canadá ] - Profesor de música y artes electrónicas en Concordia University, Canadá. Director-Fundador del Centro de Experimentación e Investigación en Artes Electrónicas - CEIARTE, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Argentina. Director de la serie de simposios internacionales Balance-Unbalance (BunB) sobre arte-ciencia y crisis ambiental, y Understanding Visual Music (UVM). Ha sido director del Hexagram Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies de Canadá; coordinador del Área Comunicación Multimedial del Ministerio de Educación de Argentina; investigador del Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre de De Montfort University en Inglaterra; coordinador de la alianza internacional DOCAM - Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage; consultor senior del Centro de Arte y Nuevos Medios Amauta de Cusco, Perú; e investigador de la UNESCO, Francia, para su proyecto Digi-Arts. Co-diseñó la Licenciatura en Artes Electrónicas de la UNTREF, y la Tecnicatura en Producción Musical de la Escuela Técnica ORT, en Argentina. Creador de la Colección de Música Electroacústica Latinoamericana hospedada por la Fundación Daniel Langlois de Canadá. Miembro del consejo editorial de Leonardo (MIT Press), Organised Sound (Cambridge Press), y Artnodes (UOC); y del consejo directivo de ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts). Doctor en estudio y práctica de las artes. Compositor y artista, especializado en acciones transdisciplinarias con ciencia y tecnologías emergentes.

Michael Zajner was born in Windsor Ontario in 1994 and attended the University of Windsor, receiving a B.A. in philosophy in 2016 and is currently enrolled in a B.F.A. for electroacoustics at Concordia University, Montreal. His over 10-years of audio experience ranges from collaborative E.P.s and albums in the duo STRICKLAND (2011-present), as well as being one of the founding members, performers, and curators for Windsor’s LavaHause (2015-2016). Michael Zajner made his first radio debut in 2014, being released under the label Museum of Skin, and has since put out many singles and albums, such as Time Bandit and the Psychonaut (2019) and STRICKLAND (2022). He has been active in Montreal’s arts-scene since 2016, helping to curate shows on CKUT radio. In 2018, he composed his first electronic film score for the experimental, feature-length film Planet Sarajevo by Tyler Tesolin. As of 2020, Michael Zajner’s art has expanded into the realm of interdisciplinary research/creation, and auditory experimentation in electroacoustics, generative compositions, audio/visual instillations, instillations based on acoustic ecology, sound design, and film scores. Currently he is working on a series of soundtracks for theater, one for a play written and directed by Aidan Coutteau's Benioni (2022) and his own multichannel comosition Theater for Madmen Only (2022).

Clifton Glaves Graduated from electricacoustic sound studies. Soundscape artist currently living in Montréal.

Thiên-Thi Nguyen (they/them, b. 2000 Montreal, QC) is a Vietnamese Canadian pianist-composer and interdisciplinary artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, QC. Their work investigates relationships of identity, displacement, and childhood nostalgia, published on e-zines Sticky Rice Magazine, OverAchiever Magazine, and exhibited at Montreal's Art Center and Museum. Following their studies in classical piano and jazz guitar, they are pursuing a BA in Intermedia, Film, and Sound at Concordia University. In their free time, Thiên-Thi bikes, curates playlists, and reads as much as they can. They hope to travel the world and become a polyglot in the future.

Manuel Falardeau is a canadian artist specialized in music production, DJing, motion design, VJing and digital art production in general. He was born in july 1999, pursued science studies in CEGEP at the same time as being a short track speed skater on the international circuit, he then got to UQAM’s university in interactive media to earn his B.A. Manuel Falardeau has now performed as a DJ in some of the biggest venues of Montreal such as the La tulipe, the Belmont, the Bain mathieu and many others. He likes to work with audio reactive visuals and generative art in general to make a groovy and intense experience.

Sofia Lopez-Asselin is a multi-disciplinary artist from Montreal, Quebec who studied creative writing and scenography. She works on different project and explores themes such as identity and feminism.

Dimitri Delphin is an multimedia artist from France, now a graduate student in research-creation in Montreal. He aims to explore universal questions through singular experiences, to activate new reflections.

Ines Moulines is a Dj and producer from Morocco. Currently living in Montreal, she attends the Electroacoustic program in Concordia University to deepen her knowledge and creative process. She performs in different events throughout the world

Brianna Kormendy - Ramirez is a multidisciplinary artist from Windsor, Ontario. She lives in Montreal where she’s currently majoring in Design at Concordia University. She aims to draw upon her lived experiences to inspire her diverse creative pursuits.

Chama Amri Toudrhi is a Moroccan-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. She is a programmer specialized in sound. Her main interests in the field are video game sound design and film sound processing. She was able to work on various interactive projects and develop her knowledge in VR and sound creation. She is also a visual artist with a very developed creative sense that allows her to bring a lot of ideas in her projects and merge art and programming.

Kelly Guervil is a Canadian aspiring sound designer and programmer based in Montreal with a love for music composition. She draws influence from both the video game and cinema industry when creating in her bachelor's degree. She also has worked on diverse projects such as interactive installations, VR environments and soundtracks for visual arts as well as videos games.

Julien Dajez is a French designer and artist. Inspired by zoosemiotics, interpolation and chronophotography, he made Biozoo (1995), one of the first award-winning short films made with After Affects. From 1998 to 2000, The U-Man, Saograd and Matagram trilogy (2000) attempts to establish an aesthetic based on the instability of the human body's systems of representation. Since 2002, Les Ondes Grises have been the object of a process of proliferation and a creation flow of transalation around the media work. This project is currently the subject of research-creation in experimental media at UQAM (Montreal).

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Proyecto apoyado por la Secretaría de Cultura, a través del Centro Nacional de las Artes y el proyecto Chapultepec, Naturaleza y Cultura por medio de la convocatoria: Territorios enlazados.

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