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Interactive gestural software interaction developed in GranuRise and seqMPEror

Interactive gestural software interaction developed in GranuRise and seqMPEror

Andrej Kobal (Slovenia)

The presentation will be based on the interactive gestural concepts used in the GranuRise and seqMPEror projects, which were developed in Max MSP. You can find more about the projects here and The presentation is going to be based on the gestural concepts with the addition of some other related topics and concepts such as: - how to perceive and develop a virtual instrument to act less as software and more like a musical instrument - as we know, almost the whole of electronic music is developed in a grid-based system, so an interesting approach also presented in the GranuRise project is how to interact in a more natural non-grid-based way using the gesture implementation - an additional concept is also how to use a gesture implementation to build a unique sound design without the use of complex matrices and LFO schematics - GranuRise and seqMPEror features also an MPE integration which evolves even further the concept of an expressive gestural control

Andrej Kobal, born in 1981, is a Slovenia composer, sound designer, Max MSP programmer who is active in various fields of contemporary music. He works as a Max MSP programmer for sound art installations and events, and he makes custom build solutions for software and hardware musical instruments and other interactive devices. As an advanced user of Max Msp, Andrej is constantly creating his own virtual instruments, which makes his sound design and composing unique and innovative. With this knowledge and experience, he has created a virtual instrument, GranuRise, which includes an interesting approach to sampling, granular, spectral and other types of sound synthesis. The GranuRise project has obtained a wide response from various important worldwide known sound designers, artists and institutions.

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Proyecto apoyado por la Secretaría de Cultura, a través del Centro Nacional de las Artes y el proyecto Chapultepec, Naturaleza y Cultura por medio de la convocatoria: Territorios enlazados.

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